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Handmade Jewellery That Tells A Story

We are: Sabrina Johnson, Indonesian artist/designer & Cole Johnson, Canadian designer/business developer. We have a hilarious 5 year old named Riley. Sabrina’s sister, Kartika, is our production manager.

We are based inVancouver, Canada and Bali, Indonesia – we are lucky enough to call both these inspiring places home! We are proud of our cultural connections and consider ourselves global citizens.

We love history, romance, adventure, and magic! Our designs mix heritage style and modern trends to make timeless, wearable pieces. We reflect our love for our work through attention to detail, rich back-story, and fine craftsmanship.

Hunt Of Hounds

“As a brand, our goal is to create pieces that tell a story — our story, and the story of those who wear them”

The How & Why

In 2010, we started making super simple pieces out of our one-room apartment in Bali, Indonesia. 9 years later, we still make everything in our house in Bali. In fact, we created a workshop right in our living room where our amazing, small team of artisans help us create our range.

Sabrina is Indonesian, so it only makes sense to draw on the country’s rich history of handicraft and metal work that give each one of our pieces a unique character and loving detail.

We make and manage everything in-house which allows us control the source and quality of our materials, as well as minimize waste. We never buy gemstones in bulk and select each one by hand. Over the years, our small, dedicated team has become part of our family.

Our Workshop