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How Do I Find My Ring Size?

We use US sizing. If you need help finding your ring size, please use the sizing chart found here.

What materials do you use?

We use a combination of precious and alloy metals to create our jewellery. Our gold plated jewellery is a heavy 18k gold over sterling silver or brass. Our silver is 925 sterling silver. The gemstones and crystals used in our pieces are sourced from certified dealers and merchants.


Will my jewellery tarnish?

Sterling silver, patina (blackened sterling silver), and gold plated jewellery will tarnish over time.  Silver jewellery will naturally discolor when exposed to the air – storing in an air tight container will help minimise the amount of care necessary.

Plated jewellery should not be worn in swimming pools, the ocean, in the bath/shower, or while putting on makeup, perfume, or hairspray.

We recommend removing jewellery pieces when using cleaning products or harsh detergents. DO NOT use jewellery cleaners on your plated or patina pieces.

How do I care for my jewellery?

As a rule, jewellery should not be worn in swimming pools, while bathing, doing the dishes, washing the dog, etc.  We recommend taking off your jewellery while applying makeup, hairspray, and perfumes. Any contact with harsh chemicals or harsh equipment could permanently damage the metal and the stone.

Please store your jewellery in an air tight container while not being worn. Always place your jewellery by itself to prevent it from being scratched or chipped by other gems. Handle your jewellery infrequently, as the oils in your hands can cloud the gems and reduce their sparkle.

If you would like to clean your jewellery, please rub gently using only mild soap and water.  DO NOT use jewellery cleaner on plated or patina pieces.

What if my jewellery breaks or needs resizing?

We guarantee our pieces for manufacturing defects for up to 2 days after delivery. If you find a fault or defect, please alert us immediately and we will do our best to repair the piece.

Remember, gemstones and crystals are fragile too. We do not guarantee the durability of the stones against cracks, chips, or breaks. Take caution when wearing pieces that contain stones or crystals as they may be damaged when dropped, banged, bumped, etc.

Please see the Hunt Of Hounds Terms And Conditions for full details.

Where is your jewellery made?

We are based in Vancouver, Canada. All the designs, consultations, and mockup/models are made here.

We own and operate our own workshop in Bali, Indonesia. Our highly-skilled, in-house metalsmith produces each piece one at a time by hand. Our staff of three are treated as our family (in-fact, one of them is family), which means above average wages, lots of holidays, and snacks and coffee from the kitchen.

Is your stuff ethical?

Ethical is a loaded word. We DO source our materials and gemstones through respected dealers that trade on the open, international market. We DO source gemstones from Canada when we can. We DO treat everyone we encounter and work alongside with respect and dignity. We DON’T mass produce or outsource to large factories. We DO recycle our metals.

We make pieces that can be cherished for a lifetime, not worn for a season or until the slogan wears out. This, to us, is socially conscious as well.