Memento Mori Necklace

Memento Mori translates from Latin as Remember (that you have to) die. The phrase reminds us to cherish the precious, earthly life we have. A poignant theme from the Dark Ages until present day, Memento Mori artwork uses symbols of death to inspire a reflection on mortality. The Memento Mori Necklace features a miniature skull encased in resin. Surrounding the skull is a lovingly detailed, architectural casing.

♦ 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver
♦ Miniature Silver Skull Carving Encased in Resin
♦ 50cm, 18k Gold Plated Silver Chain
♦ Handmade from Original Carving

Part of the Caelestia Collection (2015) which connects classical motifs with modern, wearable designs. The pieces reflect architectural, biological, and celestial elements from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, as well as humanistic themes of romance, death, and eternal life. The inverted gemstones echo the style of gem cutting of the 16th century.

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