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The Distance Of Time Ring

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Limited Edition | Varsam Kurnia x Hunt Of Hounds

Like the circle of the ring itself, time is a cycle of past present and future. The design of this piece features three decorative panels - allowing you to rotate the ring and put one aspect into view. Whether you choose to focus on the past, present, or future is up to you, and can be changed to suit your day!

Past: Eggs and seeds represent the opportunity that sleeps. An hourglass symbolizes time passing.

Present: The infinity loop (decorated with ouroboros scales) represents the fleeting nature of the present - ever elusive, it is both here and gone in an instant. The budding flower is a symbol of hope that keeps time moving forward.

Future: As representations of aspiration and longing, flowers in bloom, a full moon, and wings are features of this panel. The egg, a symbol of possibility, calls back to the egg of the past and reminds us that in time, the future will become the past and the cycle will renew itself.

NOTE: The 925 Sterling Silver is oxidized to give a antique look

♦ Handmade in Bali at the Hunt Of Hounds workshop from an original design by Varsam Kurnia

Product Specs


Finish: Patina Sterling Silver

Gemstone: None

All Hunt Of Hounds pieces are slow-made by hand in Bali, Indonesia from our original designs.

Our Materials

We use 925 sterling silver (nickel free, hypo-allergenic), 18k gold vermeil (gold over sterling silver), and 14k-18k solid gold. This includes our chains, clasps, earrings, and posts.

Our gemstones are selected one at a time to ensure quality and uniqueness. We work with small, independent dealers and never purchase in bulk.

Care & Wear

Each piece ships with a ‘care card’ to help you increase the life of your jewellery.

All our pieces are finished to the greatest quality, however, sterling silver and vermeil jewellery will wear, tarnish, scuff, and scratch over time. These occurrences should be seen as a natural part of owning your item, giving each piece a history and uniqueness.

Please read our Jewllery Care 101 for more tips.


All orders are shipped within 48 hours of purchase using Canada Post (excluding holidays). We use tracked, insured shipping for all orders.

While we do our best to reduce shipping fees for our customers, our rates come directly from Canada Post.

For most orders, items are shipped in recyclable boxes with reusable product packaging.

Why Hunt Of Hounds?

We are female-forward, family business that is committed to re-investing in our staff, their families, and our community at large. Each purchase of a Hunt Of Hounds piece positively impacts the women on our team through equal wages and role empowerment.

We are not fast fashion. Our Slow & Steady production model cuts down on waste and unsold inventory while reducing our storage & shipping footprint.

Each piece is designed, crafted, finished, and packaged in our own workshop by us and our team who have been a part of our journey for over 11 years.